DT900-SP Indoor PIR

Designed for mid to high-end commercial environments where Grade 3 systems may be required, the new Honeywell anti-mask IS3016A motion sensor delivers reliable protection and improved false alarm immunity through patented solutions.

The IS3016A sensor integrates a total of four patented solutions improving reliability and is quick and easy to install.

In addition to this, the installer benefits from the design of the sensor which allows easy access to the connectors with quick plug-in feature.

Furthermore the IS3016A motion sensor offers integrated EOL resistors and enhanced walk test saving time on installation.

Plug-in electronics 
Designed for easy installation with an automatic plug-in connector

Integrated End-of-Line (EOL) resistors 
EOL resistors for alarm as well as tamper loop and anti-mask are already incorporated, saving installation time and reducing service calls

Flash light Walk Test 
Reduces installation time as the walk test can be enabled by simply pointing a flash light at the sensor

Mirror optics 
With mirror optics, this motion sensor uses the most reliable technology offering the best detection/false alarm ratio

Highest security approval 
High quality performance sensor which meets the requirements of high risk environments (EN Grade 3, NF&A2P or similar)

Infrared anti-mask technology 
Quickly detects intentional and accidental masks or blocks. The sensor sends a trouble signal whenever it encounters mask conditions. This significantly reduces the chance of any sensor security breaches

Extensive detection coverage 
Extremely dense, wide and long detection range compared to similar products on the market providing superior coverage

Professional design 
The IS3016A is designed for high level security installations with a unique professional look distinguishing it from low value sensors

Patented PIR signal analysis solution 
The sensor looks for a wide time frame and integrates the signal received prior to any alarm triggering decision

Patented look down solution 
The installer can change the settings with ease by simply switching the look down enabler on and off, offering a more efficient and reliable solution

Patented vibration solution 
Built-in shock feature. In the event of vibration, this component overrides the PIR signal and ensures the device stays in Dual mode permanently

Patented mounting solution 
To fix the sensor to the wall, the installer simply inserts the screw in the predefined location where it will be automatically held in place making installation quicker and easier
  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Product Code: DT900-SP
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PIR motion sensor with anti-mask