EXPRECIUM 3 GSM / Alarm receivers
EXPRECIUMTM makes alarm monitoring easy for Industry, Building, Health Services, Security and OEM. EXPRECIUMTM is a full format PC based alarm receiver card. With two phone lines per board, Exprecium gives you the power to turn your PC into a powerful alarm receiver. Starting with one board, you can add boards as your Monitoring Station grows. Exprecium fits into PCs with a PCI bus. Exprecium does not impose a logical limit to the number of customers per line and with large size memory, fast modem circuit, improved PC bus interface and Caller ID option, EXPRECIUM adds a new dimension to Alarm Receiving and PC integrated Monitoring Station. As all MCDI receivers, Exprecium is packed with several features to make your Central reliable like a direct printer output and a battery connector to make sure you keep on receiving even if your PC is down. Available as Exprecium 1, Exprecium 2 (Generation 2 advanced programming) and Exprecium 3 (RoHS com- pliant for Europe and Japan).

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