The GEM-TRANS II is a 2-point window/door transmitter designed for use in Napco GEM-series wireless systems. When used with the supplied magnet, the transmitter functions as a window/door sensor. However, terminals are provided for normally-closed external contacts so that one or two additional devices may be used in conjuction with, or instead of, the internal reed switch. A jumper option is provided to allow a normally-open external contact to be used. This allows the use of one external contact instead of the internal reed switch. 

The GEM-TRANS II is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery, which will power the transmitter for up to 5 years. 

Each transmitter has a unique factory-programed code that distinguished itself to the receiver. 

Available in white and brown

  • Brand: NAPCO
  • Product Code: GEM-TRANS II
  • Availability: In Stock
Window/Door Transmitter