JR-CRA-MCP GSM / Alarm receivers
The central station JR-CRA-MCP is multichannel and supports multiple protocols. It has passed all security certifications during the development of the product. The central station has a display with an LCD. It can control test-IP of 2,048 users and admits expandable module CRA-MCP/S. The output is DB-9 series, SUGARD, ADEMCO 685 Protocols for software and output DB-25 for printing. Resend to another central station. Equipments can be: 1-Module GSM/GPRS KD 2- Module GSM /GPRS Pro 3- Module GSM Lite and GPRS Lite. Our Module PRO is suitable for the entire world because it is connected by GSM and can download to the control panels that in the market. For example, with JR control panels, USA and Canada control panels. Operation guaranteed with a level of RF> 45%.
  • Brand: JR SECURITY
  • Product Code: JR-CRA-MCP
  • Availability: In Stock
Central station GSM, GPRS and Phone