JR-GSM-CRA GSM / Alarm receivers

Expansion unit for the JR-CRA-MCP-M signal reception center (max. 3). Each unit expands the following:

GSM-VOICE: Contact ID, 4+2

PSTN: Contact ID, 4+2

SMS to Contact ID, JR format. 4+2, SAFETY, DUET

CSD Data Channel: Contact ID, JR-IP, DUET

GPRS Data Channel: Contact ID, JR-IP

For example, if you put 3 expansion units, you get 3 PSTN phone lines

  • Brand: JR SECURITY
  • Product Code: JR-GSM-CRA
  • Availability: In Stock
GSM extension module, PSTN, SMS, CSD data channel and GPRS data channel