New NOVA PRO NProA4S Dinsafer

Dinsafer NOVA PRO WIFI Alarm System is a compact, wireless smart security system for residential installations. It features fast bluetooth pairing technology, ready to arm(door/window reminder before arm), smart following, timed task, etc.Well suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums. It supports LAN, WiFi and Cellular, and can easily cover up to 984 ft. transmission. Not only a security system, it is also a home automation system which works with both sensors and smart devices like IP cameras. Users can freely control the system, watch live video or do some advantaged setting like making lamps or heats working when somebody comes home, etc. What’s more, the RFID module makes it easy to be used by kids and elders.

Dinsafer smart alarm system is sold in different basic packages. All parts in the packages are preprogrammed ie. already wirelessly conected to the SmartBox. After unpacking, the parts can therefore be removed direclty from the box and fitted immediately. Only power suply must be connected to power outlet. Starting from the package that best suits your home, then customize it to match your very special needs, with the wide range of smart accessories. 

The NProA4S kit includes: 

  • 1 Main panel
  • 1 Remote controller
  • 1 PIR motion detector
  • 1 Wireless door/window contact (with "Ready to Arm" function)

Offers free Android and iOS application

  • Brand: DINSAFER
  • Product Code: NProA4S-4G
  • Availability: In Stock
Nova Pro Basic Kit 4G