• Infrared beams: Three-beams
  • Detecting Distance: 200m outdoor / 600m indoor
    • Response speed: 35~700m/sec
    • Alarm output: 1C contact output  contact capacity DC30V/0.5A MAX
    • Power, voltage: DC13.8V-24V AC11V-18V
    • Operating temperature scope: -20°C~ 55°C
    • Tamper output: 1B contact output DC30V/0.5A MAX
    • Adjustable angle of optical axis (horizontal): 180°(±90°)
    • Adjustable angle of optical axis (vertical): 20°(±10°)
    • Size: 270x100.5x95mm
    • Brand: ANVOX
    • Product Code: ABE-200
    • Availability: In Stock
    Triple Beam up to 200m Outdoor / 600m Indoor