The PB-IN-HF series is the flagship of the TAKEX range of infrared photoelectric beams. By synchronizing 16 beam paths between Transmitter and Receiver, the PB-IN-HF series offer unrivaled stability in perimeter security. Coupled with channel separation and environmental (anti-fog) circuitry, the PB-IN-HF series has earned worldwide recognition as the standard our rivals aspire to.

  • 4 Synchronised High-Power Beams
  • Selectable 4-Channel Beam Frequencies
  • Double Modulated Beam for unsurpassed Light Immunity
  • Monitor Jack for alignment with Multi-Meter
  • Audible Alignment Tone
  • Environmental (anti-fog) Monitoring Circuit
  • Dynamic A.G.C. Circuit
  • Frost Resistant Cover

  • Product type: Photoelectric Beam Sensor
  • Detection system: Simultaneous breaking of 4 beams
  • Infrared beam: LED pulsed beam, Double modulation
  • Protection distance: Outdoor 100m (330ft) or less / Indoor 200m (660ft) or less
  • Max. beam range: Outdoor 1000m (3300ft) or less / Indoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
  • Response time: 50msec. to 700msec. variable (Standard : 50msec.)
  • Supply voltage: 12V to 30VDC (Non-polarity)
  • Current consumption: 60mA or less at protection
  • Alarm output: Dry contact relay output 1c / Reset : Interruption time + off delay / Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 1A or less
  • Environmental output: Dry contact relay output 1a or 1b (selectable) / Action : Output when weather conditions worsen / Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 1A or less
  • Tamper output: Dry contact relay 1b / Action : Activated when cover is detached / Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 1A or less
  • Alarm LED: Red LED (Receiver) ON : when an alarm is initiated.
  • Attenuation LED: Red LED (Receiver) ON : when beam is attenuated.
  • Functions: Modulated beam frequency selection (4-Channel) / Environmental module / Beam power selection / Alarm memory indication / Programmed AGC / Auto-gain lock function / Sound check : Audible check of beam level / Monitor jack output / Frost proof cover
  • Ambient temperature range: -35°C to +66°C (-31°F to +151°F)
  • Mounting positions: Outdoor (Perimeter protection)
  • Wiring: Terminals
  • Weight: Transmitter : 1200g (42oz) / Receiver : 1300g (45.5oz)
  • Appearance: PC resin (wine red)
  • Brand: TAKEX
  • Product Code: PB-IN-100HF
  • Availability: In Stock
Quad Beam up to 100m Outdoor / 200m Indoor