STARLINK-GP GSM / Alarm receivers
Starlink-GP is a back-up telephone line generator. In case of a local line failure (PSTN), Starlink-GP will forward all calls to the GSM network (simulated line). This feature will not affect any of the connected devices. During simulated line operation, Starlink-GP checks for local line recovery at regular intervals. If the local line is restored, the system returns to the local line.

Starlink-GP provides a number of features:
  • Answers to voice and/or digital calls and the local line (PSTN)
  • Controls the dialing tone before dialing a number
  • Sets the local loop (PSTN)
  • Answers to local line calls (PSTN) and manages a DTMF command group
  • GSM priorities
  • Uses the local line (PSTN) as a GSM back-up network
  • The Starlink-VMODE board provides all the voice call features
  • Sends event-activated voice messages to the GSM network
  • Local event-activated voice messaging (PSTN)
  • Call all pre-set dialing numbers
  • Sends SMS messages
  • Operates as an alarm panel
  • Useful alarm panel feature programming
  • Allows I/O delay time when the alarm panel is in operation
  • Brand: NAPCO
  • Product Code: STARLINK-GP
  • Availability: In Stock