INELS DCDA-33M LED/RGB DIMMER Wired electoinstallation (BUS)
For dimming LED and RGB sources 12-24 V DC by alternating current

  • DCDA-33M/RGB dimming actuator is designed for dimming RGB and LED light sources with power supply 12-24 V DC, which are controlled by variable current.
  • The actuator has three independent channels and each output channel is individually addressable and controllable.
  • If desired, the channels can be associated as a single actuator for actuating the RGB source.
  • DCDA-33M/RGB actuator can be controlled from the bus DALI, DMX or BUS.
  • DCDA-33M/RGB can directly control from the system iNELS where the communication interface is the installation BUS.
  • If ithe communication interface DALI or DMX is used, the DALI master EMDC-64M can be used.

Setting the communication interface and addresses of actuators is performed using DIP switches:

a) switch No. 1

In the upper position determines DALI or BUS
In the lower position determines DMX

b ) switch No. 2 (if that switch 1 is in the upper position)
In the upper position determines DALI
In the lower position determines BUS
  • Brand: ELKO EP
  • Product Code: DCDA-33M
  • Availability: In Stock
Dimming actuator 3-channel