802374 Esser

Multisensor fire detector using patented dual angle optical scatter as well as additional heat detector sensor evaluation to guarantee the detection of different types of fire from smoldering fires to open fires with constant sensitivity level. Smoke sensor signal identification to ensure smoke classification and reduction of false alarms caused by interferences, for instance, water vapor or dust. Used when early and reliable fire detection is requested. Because of its excellent detection characteristics and enhanced false alarm management, the detector is also able to identify the standardized TF1 and TF6 test fires. The O²T multisensor fire detector is also suitable for applications with higher temperatures of up to +65 °C. The detector is provided with an integrated isolator. A remote indicator can be connected.

With VdS approved parameter settings for special applications:

  • Use defined
  • Water/oil/haze
  • Garage
  • Hall
  • Clean room
  • High application temperature (~ 80°C)
  • Hotel room
  • Brand: ESSER
  • Product Code: 802374
  • Availability: In Stock
O2T multisensor fire detector IQ8Quad with isolator