804905 Esser

    Addressable electronic module suitable for use in the esserbus and powered loop with alarm latch and alarm indicator. Optional connection for conventional MCP. Without BUS connection, the detector operates as conventional MCP. Built-in loop isolator in the manual call point. An external detector zone (D-line) could be connected with up to ten conventional manual call points (internal Alarm resistor for each detector 1 KOhm) - e.g. Part No. 804900 or 804901 to this IQ8 manual call point model and configure required operation with tools 8000. When an alarm is triggered the address and the programmed additional text of the MCP IQ8 to which the conventional zone is connected are displayed automatically. Cable length of the D-line max. 500 meters!

    • Brand: ESSER
    • Product Code: 804905
    • Availability: In Stock
    IQ8MCP electronic module with isolator