808623 Esser

The esserbus transponder functions as a device on the multi-functional primary line. The connection of four zones with automatic standard detectors, manual call points (non-addressable) as well as special detectors is possible. In addition, two programmable relay outputs are also available.

Both relay outputs of the transponder may be used to reset a connected third-party detector. The reset function relates to the corresponding special detector, e.g. by switching the appropriate input to GND or by a short interruption of the detectors supply voltage. Therefore, the control mode >Reset-Relay< as well as the desired relay operation mode (normally closed or open) must be configured with the programming software tools 8000 from V1.15 and above. The relay output will be activated for the selected reset time (1 to 14 seconds) if the assigned input (G1 for relay 1/G2 for relay 2) of the transponder is reset. Refer to the detectors manual for the required reset time.

Monitoring via the EOL terminating devices (Part No. 808624/808626) is required for the connection of fire detectors and for the controlling of alarm signaling devices. The enclosed resistors can be used to connect the floating contacts.

The esserbus alarm transponder requires an external voltage supply for operation of 4 monitored inputs. An optional Voltage Converter (Part No. 781336) is also required for 12 V DC operation. The esserbus alarm transponder external voltage supply can be monitored during operation.

The EOL-I terminating device (Part No. 808626) must be used for standard-compliant monitoring of detector zone inputs. The EOL-O (Part No. 808624) must be used for standard-compliant monitoring of connected alarm signaling devices.

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Esserbus alarm transponder, 4 in/2 out with isolator