C006-E1-K03 GALAXY FLEX 50 + MK8

C006-E1-K03 GALAXY FLEX 50 + MK8 Honeywell
An enhanced, feature-rich Galaxy® Flex control panel range is now available from Honeywell. Compliant to EN50131, PD6662:2010 standards this hybrid intruder and door control security solution brings ease and flexibility to small to medium sized, Grade 2 security systems. Expansion costs are minimised thanks to 12 on-board zones which are fully customisable and further expandable due to the modular system design of Galaxy Flex. 
Galaxy Flex 50 (FX050) is an integrated intruder and access control security solution offering flexibility for small to mid sized systems where ease of install and functionality are important. FX050 is a hybrid panel offering the flexibility of up to 52 wired or 40 wireless zones and thanks to its modular design, has the option to house radio and communications modules inside the panel. It cuts installation time to minutes and brings a new level of ease and flexibility that allows installers to easily meet specific customer needs.

  • Alarm verification by image sequence: – ISN3010B4 records around 100 images at 640 x 352 pixels – Up to 35 images per sequence with 10 image pre-alarm memory – Images received by Honeywell PE alarm receiver
  • Multiple communications options: GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, PSTN programmable via quick set up wizards
  • Mobile App: Remotely access and manage your Galaxy Flex system, anytime, anywhere using the GX Remote Control Mobile App. Available to download from iTunes or Google Play
  • Flexible expansion: Up to 100 wired or wireless zones Up to 98 users Up to 98 wireless key fobs Protecting up to eight groups
  • Door control: Up to four door controllers (DCMs) controlling up to eight doors Access event log records up to 1000 events Compatible with most Wiegand readers
  • Part set functionality: Night set mode allows easy configuration for residential applications
  • Up to 4 annual holiday and 4 weekly schedules available
  • Firmware version V3: Includes alarm verification with video, delivering improved communications
  • Three user interfaces: MK8 and traditional MK7 keypads/proxes, remote access with Mobile App any time, any where
  • Three Box sizes with power options: Range of boxes to suit different installation needs with 1A or 2A power supplies
  • Resettable fuses (PTCs): Integrated resettable fuses for auxiliary power supply and battery
  • Auto-detect function for faster installation: System automatically recognises when modules are added/removed from system when auto-detect mode is enabled
  • One comprehensive range: A choice of wired and wireless intrusion and environmental detectors
  • Full compliance: Tested by a third party to meet EN50131, PD6662:2010, BS8243:2010, Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II standards. Great variety of zone wiring: Double Balanced, End of Line circuit, choice of Resistance Values and Normally Closed Loop Wiring

MK8 Keypad

The Galaxy MK8 LCD Keypad is a contemporary new keypad designed to complement modern interiors where style and aesthetics are important.

  • 2 x 16 alphanumeric character backlit display
  • White backlit
  • Optional integrated proximity reader
  • Lid and wall tamper
  • RS485 serial connector
  • Volume control
  • Low profile keymat
  • Internal buzzer
  • Power indicator: LED
  • Self diagnostics
  • Operating voltage: 10.5V - 14V DC
  • Current: Standby 60mA, Max. 90mA
  • Weight 200gr
  • Dimension 152 x 93 x 25mm
  • Approvals: EN50131, Security Grade 3, Environmental Class II PD6662:2010/EN50131-3:2009
  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Product Code: C006-E1-K03
  • Availability: In Stock

12 to 50 zone hybrid alarm panel with MK8 keypad