C079-2 Honeywell

The NEW RF Portal wireless system expander module enables a total wireless offering for Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension and G2 intruder alarm systems, making wireless possible for all types and sizes of installations. There can be up to eight RF portals in an installation which coupled with unique bidirectional radio and agile routing technologies, ensures that the wireless sensors and the control panel can talk to each other using the strongest available signal path.

  • Bi-directional wireless interface
  • Up to 8 RF portals can be used on Galaxy Dimension
  • up to 2 RF portals can be used on G2
  • Supports both Alpha and V2 protocol wireless sensors
  • Up to 196 wireless zones
  • Unlike the RF RIO, wireless programming stored in the panel and can be accessed using the Remote Servicing Suite (RSS)
  • Detectors can be programmed via the Remote Servicing Suite before being sent to site
  • Up to 100 key fobs
  • Full bi-directional agile routing (patented technology)
  • Full range of intrusion and environmental detectors
  • Compliant to EN50131-1 security grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • Product Code: C079-2
  • Availability: In Stock
RF RECEIVER - Wireless expander module