CLVR-03XT Cofem
The CLVR03XT fire panel haS been designed according to the European standards EN54-2 and EN 54-4 on fire alarm and detection systems, control and indication equipment; EN12094-1 on fixed fire fighting systems and components for gas extinguishing systems.
The CLVR03XT is a combined fire alarm and extinguishing control panels with three independent detection zones.

The control panel is equiped with an integral battery charger and a power supply designed in accordance with EN54-4


  • Independent or combined configuration of the zones
  • Configurable sounders delay
  • Configurable detection delay
  • Option to receive signals from other systems, such as aspiration equipment
  • Timer of the remaining time until the release of the extinguishing agent
  • Configurable extinguishing delay, up to 60 seconds
  • Control of the ventilation/extraction system incorporated
  • Supply Voltage: 230VAC
  • Supply Fuse: 1.6A
  • Battery: 2x12V
  • Alarm Current: 0.235A
  • Batteries Current: 3A
  • Max.Ripple Current: 200milivolts
  • Sounder Output: 21 to 28VDC
  • Battery Voltage: 27.6VDC
  • Dimensions: 385x310x90mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • IP Protection: IP30
  • Approved and certified according to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4
  • Brand: Cofem
  • Product Code: CLVR03XT
  • Availability: In Stock

Control panels for fire extinguishing systems, with 3 detection zones, totally configurable.