IRON02 Cofem
This control panel provides different versions to fit more accurately to the needs of each facility:
IRON02: IRON control panel with 2 detection zones.
IRON04: IRON control panel with 4 detection zones.

  • 2 or 4 zones control panels for use with conventional detectors and alarm call points.
  • Up to 32 elements (with detectors and alarm call points) per zone.
  • 2 supervised general sounder outputs, delayable from 0 to 7 minutes, each protected by a self-rearming fuse.
  • 1 immediate alarm output using a NO/NC (Normally Open/Normally Closed) dry contact.
  • 1 immediate fault output using a NO/NC (Normally Open/Normally Closed) dry contact.
  • 1 auxiliary 30 V/DC output supervised and protected by a auto-resettable fuse for external power supply (fire door electromagnets, sirens, etc).
  • It has a Test Mode to facilitate quick and easy testing of detectors and alarm call points.
  • Allows open line, detector alarm and call points alarm thresholds to be configured to suit operation with other detectors.
  • Metal box with front screwed door, 10 pre-drilled 28 mm holes for wiring, and space for 2 x 2 Ah batteries.
  • Certified according to EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 with CE marking
  • Brand: Cofem
  • Product Code: IRON02
  • Availability: In Stock
Automatic conventional fire detection and fire alarm control panel