KEEPER CO - DACO Wireless System

Range of gas detectors for domestic, autonomous, with possibility of connection to the supply (220-230V) or 12VDC, with operating indicator, that emits an optical and acoustic signal in case of alarm.

GAS keeper is made of black ABS plastic to detect carbon monoxide.

CO (carbon monoxide) is a highly toxic gas produced basically by any type of poor combustion, in addition to by internal combustion engines.

Keeper CO is especially suitable for the detection of CO in places such as garages, boiler rooms, kitchens, living areas with heaters or gas stoves, etc.

  • With 230 VAC supply and 9 VDC output
  • Operating indicator (green led), optical signal (red led) and acoustic of alarm
  • It incorporates a heat sensor that is activated at a temperature of 84ºC
  • Detector with relay option allows the connection with a repeater unit (alarm distance), with a cut of gas supply control system, or a control panel alarm
  • Particularly suitable for garages (only Keeper CO),boilers rooms, kitchens,areas with gas stoves or heaters, etc.
  • Design according european normative EN 50194.
  • Dimension: 140,5 x 73 x 48 mm.

  • Brand: Cofem
  • Product Code: KEEPER CO - DACO
  • Availability: In Stock
Autonomous CO detectors for domestic use