MCO110 Co Detections Systems
  • Automatic conventional COsensor control panel with carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) diffusion sensors
  • This control panel provides the MiniCO120 (Ref. MCO120) and MiniCO120DVB (Ref. MCO120DVB) references with 1 zone with 20 detectors capacity.
  • The model ending in “DVB” refers to the fact that it has double ventilation and batteries charger.
  • They are particularly suitable for parking or areas that need only 1 ventilation zone or installation of a few sensors in it.
  • The control panel displays the maximum concentration of CO in the detection zone, activating the ventilation and alarm when a specific concentration is reached after expiry of the set delay.
  • It has dry contact outputs for ventilation, an auxiliary 30Vdc output and an alarm dry contact output.
  • The system works with CO sensor (“SCO” reference) and NO2 sensors (“SDN” reference) in the same area.
  • NO2 sensors transform measures of NO2 concentration in an equivalent measure of CO, and shown it in the display as a single concentration of CO, activating the ventilation and alarm when established CO levels are reached.
  • The control panel allows manual activation and deactivation of ventilation.
  • The equipment is designed for using diffusion sensors calibrated at factory for operation throughout the useful life of their sensors, and UNE 23300 certified.


  • Control panel of 1 ventilation zone with diffusion sensor brand COsensor model SCO (CO sensor) and SDN (NO2 sensor).
  • Dry contact output (COM / NA) for ventilation 1 and ventilation 2 (DVB model only).
  • 30Vdc 0,5A output.
  • Dry contact alarm output.
  • Space for 2×12 Vdc 2 Ah batteries (DVB model only).
  • Display 3-digit, 7-segment.
  • Dimensions: 248 x 260 x 105 mm.
  • UNE 23300 certified.
  • Brand: Cofem
  • Product Code: MCO120
  • Availability: In Stock
CO conventional control panel for max. 20 sensors and 1 ventilation zone