CT-3000 OT

CT-3000 OT Detectomat
Optical and thermal multi sensor detector for conventional systems for earliest fire detection and indication in all environments with difficult ambient conditions according to EN 54-7 and EN 54-5 class A1.

  • Integrated professional smoke detection system with highest reliability for a secure alarm verification with 16 fold measurement and intelligent logics
  • Integrated temperature measurement as rate of rise procedure and maximum value in accordance to EN 54-5
  • Intelligent analysis and disruption mode for the elimination of false alarms (e.g. cigarette smoke)
  • Periodic sensor test
  • Integrated Isolator and T-branch option
  • LED for alarm (red)
  • Integrated locking system for the protection against removal and tamper
  • Standard values and application Software version 42 and up please see additional technical table
  • Product Code: 30022
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Multi senson detector, conventional