EC-3000 Easy Check

EC-3000 Easy Check Detectomat
Programming tool for the easy manual addressing and programming of the Loop3000 components

  • Battery powered Stand- Alone tool with up and downloadfunction for an easy manual addressing and programming of the Loop 3000 components
  • Support for diagnostics and programming functions for all detectors and modules
  • Easy assignment of customer specific detector data via integrated copy and paste function
  • Four line LC Display with backlight and adjustable brightness for a clear display of all values and data
  • 16 buttom keypad for an easy use and clearly arranged input of data
  • Update option of the device software via integrated RS-232-interface
  • Automatic switching off function at no use for higher battery lifetime
  • Accoustic warning at low battery
  • Product Code: 31482
  • Availability: In Stock
Programming tool easy check