GEM-1DKITA Controller & Reader
  • Cost efficient access solution, easily added & installed, affordable for even small to mid-size installs
  • Seamless Integration with Gemini Control Panels GEMP3200, P9600, X255; easily programmed with Napco
  • Quickloader (single site programming and shared database)
  • Supports HID & Gemini Prox Cards and Readers (both offered in money-saving kits; see Ordering info. @ left)
  • Optional PCD-Manager enduser software for corporate security or personnel departments, etc. Easy-to-use
  • enduser Windows-based package for account management and self-maintenance provides limited enduser
  • account control: Manage database of both alarm users and up to 1000 access control cardholders, logs,
  • schedules, access groups, etc.(see sidebar).
  • Plug and play - GEM-ACCESS comes ready with its own enclosure, power supply (aux. for prox readers and
  • mag locks) and battery backup. (GEM-ACMID)
  • Fast card processing transaction speeds
  • Easily expandable by-door with affordable GEM-2D Plug-in PCBs
  • Brand: NAPCO
  • Product Code: GEM-1DKITA
  • Availability: In Stock
Kit Module in enclosure w/ power supply, transformer, Panel Prom, GEM-PX Prox Reader with Status LED Indicators and 25 Gemini Prox Cards