GEM-EZM4/8 Napco USA
The capacity of the GEM-P1664 control panel may be expanded through the use of a GEM-EZM4/8 Zone Expansion Module. Each GEM-EZM4/8 module provides up to 16 additional zones, and may be configured in a number of methods: 4 zones, 8 zones, 12 zones or 16 zones. Using any of these configurations, several GEM-EZM4/8 modules may be combined as necessary to supply the required number of zones to the GEM-P1664 control panel. Refer to the GEM-P1664 Installation Instructions and GEM-P1664 Programming. Instructions for wiring requirements. Note: Although the GEM-EZM4/8 may also be used with the GEM-P816 and GEM-P1632 control panels, the features described in this addendum apply only to the GEM-P1664. 
  • Brand: NAPCO
  • Product Code: GEM-EZM4/8
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Zone expansion module for the GEM-P1632 Control Panel