• 8 hybrid zones on-board including two 2-wire fire zones in large, locking enclosure (12.5" x 14" x 3.75")
        • With multiplexing, can accommodate up to 64 EOL zones (from alpha keypads or multiplex modules, including the low-cost GEM-EZM4/8 Expansion Module).
        • Programmable partitioning for 4 areas
        • Up to 64 users
        • Uses all the standard Gemini crystal-control wireless
        • Uses all the standard Gemini keypads, new DK-Series door-style keypads and multifunction VPS Series talking keypads (shown above)
        • Two money-saving paks with custom alpha door keypad GEMP1664DK1PK; or with multifunction GEMK1VPS keypad with built-in talking voice, PIR and UL siren, GEMP1664VPSPK
        • Brand: NAPCO
        • Product Code: GEM-P1664VPSPK
        • Availability: In Stock
        New ultra panel, 8 to 64 zones, 4 partitions and 64 users