HDv-Sensys Indoor PIR
Intelligent stand alone smoke detector for early detection giving a local acoustic alarm in private and domestic applications in accordance to EN 14604. For the use in applications with extended requirements e.g. caravan and camper vans again in accordance to EN 14604 annex L. Including tested, permanent integrated power supply suitable for the long term use of 10 years

  • Integrated professional smoke detection system with highest reliability for a secure alarm verification with 16 fold measurement and intelligent logics
  • Intelligent analysis and disruption mode for the elimination of false alarms (e.g. cigarette smoke)
  • Tested resistance against pollution as well as integrated pollution recognition with fault message when reaching the threshold.
  • Periodical check of sensor and smoke chamber
  • Pre-alarm function at condensation. Therefore suitable for the use in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Integrated piezo buzzer for loud acoustic alarm (>85 dB)
  • Integrated status LED for alarm and fault
  • Annotation of maintenance and service events via optical and acoustic signal
  • Hush function according to EN 14604 to surpress the accusitc signal for 10 minutes
  • Detector stays active during hush function with reduced sensitivity and gets into alarm again at further increasing smoke level
  • Easy activation of the hush- and testfunction via cover
  • Enclosed battery for 10 year lifetime
  • Activation of the battery at inserting into the base
  • Complies with the industral standards according to IPC A-610 class 2
  • Suitable for different fixing types such as screw or adhesive pad fixing
  • Easy assembly of the detctor into the base via click-in technology
  • Integrated locking option for the protection against removal and tamper
  • Suitable for the use with enhanced requirements such as caravans and mobile homes according to EN 14604 appendix L
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Smoke detector