INELS GCR3-11/B CARD READER Building Management System
  • Glass RFID card reader GCR3-11 is part of a comprehensive range of glass iNELS control units and can be advantageously used in all projects, e.g. guest room management system (GRMS).
  • GCR3-11 card reader is designed for reading smart cards, which are intended to enter the hotel room or any other part of the building.
  • Individual symbols can be illuminated in one of three colours - red, green and blue.
  • Reader GCR3-11 is equipped with an 8A relay output with AgSnO2 contact for door lock control.
  • GCR3-11 supports RFID media with a carrier frequency of 13.56 MHz. Supported card types MIFARE Ultralight, DESFire 2K, Plus S 4K.
  • The GCR3-11 is a design component of the iNELS system and is available in elegant black (GCR3-11/B) and white (GCR3-11/ W) variants.
  • Brand: ELKO EP
  • Product Code: GCR3-11/B
  • Availability: In Stock
Glass RFID card reader