LARA is an Internet radio and music player equipped with a high-resolution color OLED display.

  • LARA Radio is inextricably linked to the music and provides perfect listening experience. 
  • LARA plays the music stored in the NAS storage or in the external source (phone, MP3 player) connected through cable on the front panel of device. 
  • Using LARA DIO can control all LARY from a single driver (smartphone, while the maximum number of controlled devices is not limited.)
  • Application control is very intuitive and very easy to store your own favorite stations, which remains available at all times.
  • In the section Accessories there are various options of power supply.
  • LARA Radio mounting is also possible with built-in speakers - 3D model you can find here.
  • You can simply put your own LARA together through our LARA Configurator.
  • Switching actuator 6channel 
  • Contact status of each relay can be changed separately and manually by control buttons on a front panel.
  • SA3 is normally supplied in the option AgSnO2 contact material, it can be supplied with contact AgNi by request.
  • SA3-06M in 3-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard/DIN rail EN60715.
  • Inbuilt amplifier 10W allows direct connection of speakers (in the same LOGUS90 design) or allows connection of external in-wall or ceiling speakers.
  • Connection through cable to LAN network, PoE supply.
  • Brand: ELKO EP
  • Product Code: LARA-R/IS
  • Availability: In Stock
LARA Radio (radio mounted in the wall)