INELS MI3-02 EXTERNAL MASTER Wired electoinstallation (BUS)
Allows you to extend the number of connected peripheral iNELS units

  • If you require the use of a central unit CU3-01 (02M) in combination with the iNELS2 units, all the units must be connected to the bus BUS lines, which are based on an external master MI3-02M/iNELS2.
  • Up to 8 modules MI3-02M or MI3-02M/iNELS2 can connect to a central unit via the system bus EBM.
  • In conjunction with the central unit CU3-01M(02M), it can achieve a maximum capacity of the bus iNELS of up to 576 units.
  • MI3-02M and MI3-02M/iNELS2 have marked on the front panel of the unique hardware address. This address belongs to the line BUS1. IDM software then automatically sets the hardware address of the BUS line BUS2 (this address is always one value higher).
  • MI3 units are supplied from PS3-100/iNELS.
  • To power the lines BUS, it is necessary to use a BUS separator BPS3-02M or BPS3-01M (supply only one line). In case of using MI3-02M/iNELS2 is used BPS2-02M or BPS2-01M.
  • Status signaling of each bus (operation, fault) is indicated by two-color LEDs on the front panel of the module.
  • The last MI2-02M connected to the EBM bus must be closed with a 120 Ω termination resistor.
  • This part adapted to be inserted between terminals is included into central units packages and it is necessary to insert between terminals EBM+ and EBM-.
  • MI3-02M, MI3-02M/iNELS2 in 1-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard, on DIN rail EN60715.
  • Brand: ELKO EP
  • Product Code: INELS MI3-02
  • Availability: In Stock
External master