INELS PS3-100/iNELS POWER SUPPLY Hospitality Hotel (GRMS)

  • Used to supply central units and external master within intelligent electro-installation iNELS.
  • Through bus separators from the supply voltage BPS3-01M and BPS3-02M, it supplies BUS lines from which iNELS peripheral units are also powered.
  • Used in the instrumentation field.
  • Fixed output voltage DC 27,6 V and DC 12,2 V, galvanically isolated from the mains.
  • Power source of 27 V and 12 V have a common ground terminal GND.
  • Electronic short circuit protection, high-capacity and thermal overload, over voltage.
  • UPS functions - backup of output 24V and 12V on connected batteries.
  • Recharging the batteries from 27 V source.
  • Protection battery backup fuse - protection against short circuit and reverse polarity battery.
  • Continuously adjustable maximum battery charging current.
  • Indication of operating and fault conditions 6 LED diodes on the front panel of the power supply.
  • 2 STATUS outputs with open collector for reporting operational status of the source.
  • Source supplies power to the priority system iNELS, the remaining power is used for rechargeable batteries.
  • When the battery is fully discharged, the battery is automatically disconnected from the load.
  • PS3-100/iNELS in 6-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard, on DIN rail EN60715.
  • Brand: ELKO EP
  • Product Code: PS3-100/iNELS
  • Availability: In Stock
Switching regulated power supply with total power 100 W