LT-3000 Detectomat
Programming tool for an easy automatic or manual (scan function) addressing and programming of the components of the Loop3000 via PC

  • Stand-Alone device with up- and download function for an easy automatic and manual (scanfunction)
  • Addressing and programming of the components of theloop3000 via a personal computer without the installation of a fire control panel
  • 1 loop or 2 spurs suitable for connection for the complete test of the detectors/modules installation or for the test of subareas (e.g. difficult to access areas)
  • Including reset key for the reset of the loop tester to a defined basic status
  • Complete support of all diagnostic and programming functions for all detector and module data
  • 1 case, 1 loop tester, 1 power supply, 1 interface cable
  • Product Code: 31625
  • Availability: In Stock