Napco’s GEM-TOUCH Touchscreen is compatible with the Gemini Series Panels (& includes a Gemini Keypad Trim Plate for retrofitting larger Gemini LCD Keypad models.)

  • Compact 4.3” resistance touchscreen, color decor-friendly, security functions, hardwired.
  • Intuitive central one-button arming, status icons &/or more traditional keypad view - Remote Control with Gemini App.
  • Integral custom alphanumeric dual-line display by area with time & date
  • Multi-level sounder and screen brightness levels
  • Built-in 4-Zone EZM Expander
  • Easy Retrofit for All Gemini Alphanumeric Keypads (GEMRP1CAe2; GEMK1CA), NO reprogramming required
  • Cosmetic backplate wall-cover, included
  • Easy to configure keypad & EZM expander plus add users, right on touchscreen. (Note: GEM-TOUCH Cannot be used for Panel Programming.)
  • Dimensions: 13.66 (w) x 9.52 (h) x 3.50 (d) cm
  • Boot Current: 249mA peak
  • Nominal Operating Current: 148mA peak
  • Current During USB Update: 198mA peak
  • PGM: Maximum 5mA, +12V nominal
  • Environmental: 0°C to 50°C
  • Napco Gemini Panels supported: GEM-X255, GEM-P9600, GEM-P3200, GEM-P1664, GEM-P1632, GEM-P816
  • Brand: NAPCO
  • Product Code: GEM-TOUCH
  • Availability: In Stock
Intuitive Color Touchscreen 4,3"