6 Programmable Hardwire or Wireless Zones, 2 Wireless Zones* and 2-Wire Fire
 (*Note: These 2 zones are hardwired when system includes a second Touchpad)
Supports all Gemini Transmitters using Gemini GEMRECVXP8 Wireless

  • 50 Event Log
  • PCD-WINDOWS PC Programmable (Version 5.2 or higher) including PCPreset unattended downloading
  • Line- and Bell-Cut Supervision
  • No exit/entry countdowns, eliminates user-caused false alarms when they most frequently occur.
  • To prevent false alarms when arming, during a pre-arm period, the system looks for motion, in all it’s motion sensors and touchpad motion sensors, and if detected, automatically converts to “Armed STAY”, (solely turning on perimeter protection).
  • Programmable Telco Line Cut Supervision
  • Supports All Standard Gemini Wireless Transmitter Devices (requires standard Gemini Receiver GEM-RECVXP8).
  • Fuseless, maintenance-free operation
  • UL listed
  • Brand: NAPCO
  • Product Code: FREEDOM F-8KIT
  • Availability: In Stock
Code-free security system & F-8 8-zone hybrid control