PL-3300 T

PL-3300 T Detectomat
Heat detector with fixed and rate of rise temperature settings for loop3000 with 1 thermal sensor for earliest fire detection and indication in all environments with difficult ambient conditions and with bidirectional isolator according to EN 54-5 and EN 54-17

  • Thermal detector, certified according to EN 54-5 in the temperature classes A1R, A1S (A1) and A2R, A2S (A2) and EN 54-17
  • Individual usage as Maximal detector (static --> A1S, A2S) or as rate of rise with maximum threshold (differential and static --> A1R, A2R) via the free programmable and automatic adjustable settings by the Fire control panel
  • Individual change of the detector class for the sensitivity levels 2 to 4 by using Easy Check 3000
  • Periodic sensor test
  • Automatic and manual addressing with Loop 3000
  • Integrated Isolator and T-branch option
  • Alarm output to control parallel indicator
  • Functions completely integrated via Loop 3000-protocol
  • Freely programmable sensitivity settings for presence/absence
  • Storage of last maintenance date
  • Mapping of a temperature profile of the panel
  • Multicolour LED for alarm (red) and fault (yellow)
  • Delivery including protective cover for installation phase

  • Supply Voltage: 15 V to 32 V DC on to 2-wire bus (max. 34 V DC)
  • Quiescent Current: 280 µA
  • Alarm Current: 5 mA
  • Output OC: max. 10 mA for parallel indicator or buzzer
  • Ambient Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Humidity: max. 95%
  • Protection class: IP 40
  • Weight: Appr. 80 g
  • Material: ABS, Glass
  • Colour: White (similar to RAL 9003)
  • Standards: EN 54-5 / Temperature classes: A1R, A1S (A1) and A2R, A2S (A2) and EN 54-17
  • VdS-Approval: G 203037
  • System Approval: S 210001, S216001
  • CE-CPD-Number: 0786-CPD-20044
  • Further Approvals: PAVUS, DBI, GOST-R
  • Dimensions (H x D): appr. 52 mm x 97 mm
  • Response sensitivity: Adjustable in 5 sensitivity levels
  • Product Code: 30010
  • Availability: In Stock
Heat detector with isolator