Out of Stock XP-400GT Napco USA

    • Up to 4 individually-reporting user codes
    • Wireless-ready: Supports up to 2 Gemini wireless receivers (GEM-RECV-XP8) and all Gemini transmitters, crystal-controlled for maximum reliability
    • Wireless support for up to 2 key fobs with programmable audible chirparm/disarm; plus 4 points from your choice of any Gemini transmitters.
    • Adjustable supervisory time for transmitter check-in.
    • Programmable telephone line cut supervision.
    • 2 Programmable outputs for burglary, siren, strobe, audio verification- by-zone, access control, etc.
    • EZ-Loops exclusive, intuitive, easy-to-wire double zoning with fault supervision
    • EZ-Wire full-size terminal strip
    • Home/away with delay for auto interior bypass
    • Chime feature
    • Supervised bell output
    • Swinger shutdown
    • Compliances: UL, ULC , FCC, CE
    • Brand: NAPCO
    • Product Code: XP-400GT
    • Availability: Out of Stock
    4 zone hybrid hardwire/wireless control panel