ZAFIRCO ZCO425 Co Detections Systems
  • Addressable COsensor control panel for carbon monoxide (CO) and dioxide nitrogen (NO2) diffusion sensors designed with EN 50545-1 and UNE 23300 certified.
  •  It has the following models ZafirCO2 (Ref. ZCO2), ZafirCO3 (Ref. ZCO3) and ZafirCO4 (Ref. ZCO4). They correspond with 2, 3 or 4 zones and up to 25 CO and/or 25 NO2 sensors by zone. These models have DVB version (Double Ventilation and Batteries).
  •  The COsensor ZafirCO control panel allows setting the activation concentration for ventilation level 1, 2 and alarm, as well as the delays for the activation and delays for the stop of these levels/alarm.
  •  It has independent dry contact outputs per zone for each level of ventilation and alarm, as well as general fault output and auxiliary supply 30 Vdc.
  •  The control panel has a maintenance mode for easy testing the operation of sensors by watching the flashing LEDs of the sensors when they face to the test gas.
  •  The control panel can identify all sensors at the installation by their programming number. The auto configuration feature of the control panel will automatically detect all sensors and display a summary in the display. Confirming this information, control panel goes directly into “work” mode.
  •  The philosophy and operation mode of the equipment is designed according to European standard EN 50545-1, using diffusion sensors and factory calibration for operation during the operational life of the sensors, and UNE 23300 certified.

  • Control panel up to 4 ventilation zones with diffusion sensors brand COsensor model SCO (CO sensor) and SDN (NO2 sensor).
  • Dry contact output (COM/NO) Ventilation 1, Ventilation 2 (DVB models only) and alarm.
  • Fault dry contact output (COM/NO/NC).
  • Auxiliary 30 Vdc 1A power output.
  • Concentration measures averaged according to EN 50545-1 up to 60 minutes.
  • Ventilation level 1, ventilation level 2 (models DVB) and alarm selectable from 5 to 300 ppm of CO and from 0,1 to 30 ppm of NO2.
  • Delay time for activation and delay time to stop of ventilation 1 and ventilation 2 (models DVB), selectables between 0 and 10 minutes.
  • Delay time for activation and delay time to stop of the alarm selectable between 0 and 5 minutes.
  • Maintenance mode to check operation of sensors.
  • System with auto configuration functionality.
  • Space for batteries 2 x 12 Vdc 7 Ah (DVB models only).
  • Backlit LCD Display 4 lines and 40 characters.
  • Dimensions: 418 x 324 x 150 mm.
  • Designed according to European standard EN 50545-1.
  • UNE 23300 Certified.

  • Brand: Cofem
  • Product Code: ZCO425
  • Availability: In Stock
4 zone addressable CO/NO2 sensor control panel