808610.10 Esser
The esserbus transponder works as a loop device on the multi-functional primary line. With the 12 relays module, it is possible to expand the number of control zones per control unit. Depending on the control unit, it can be integrated or used with fire detectors in mixed operation. The esserbus transponder can be optionally extended by adding the additional isolator board Part No. 788612. esserbus transponder voltage supply: via the multi-functional primary line. The esserbus transponder can be wired with an external switching voltage of 12V DC or 24V DC for the K1 to K12 relays. The external voltage supply of the transponder can be programmed to be monitored in the customer data in the operating mode. In the “floating” operating mode, no external switching voltage of the relays is necessary. 11 relays are freely programmable. The maximum line length from the transponder to the external device is up to 1000 m.

    • Only one loop address is needed per transponder
    • Max. 100 transponders per FACP
    • Max. 32 transponders per loop
    • Max. 32 transponders per detector zone
    • Brand: ESSER
    • Product Code: 808610.10
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    Esserbus transponder 12 relays (8 bit)