INELS CU3-02M CENTRAL UNIT Wired electoinstallation (BUS)
Brain of iNELS system with RF interface

  • It‘s possible to directly connect up to 2 lines of BUS in to CU3-01M and CU3-02M, and on each bus we can connect up to 32 iNELS3 units.
  • The main difference between CU3-02M and CU3-01M is that CU3-02M is moreover equipped by RF module which enables communication with selected units from iNELS RF Control system.
  • Central units CU-01M(02M) support also peripheral units from iNELS2 thanks to externalmaster MI3-02M/iNELS2.
  • User´s project and retentive data are stored in a non-volatile internal memory hereby data are backed up without the supply voltage. Real time clock (RTC) backup for 10 days. Power supply controlling system - network voltage and the status of the backup battery.
  • Possibility of setting time synchronization via NTP server. 
  • The RJ45 Ethernet port‘s connector is located on the front panel of the unit, the transmissionspeed is 100 Mbps.
  • For CU3-01M (02M) it is possible to use 4 potential-free inputs for connecting external controllers (buttons, switches, sensors, detectors, etc.) and 2 analog inputs 0-30V.
  • CU3-01M (02M) comes with OLED display that shows the current status and configuration of CU3-01M (02M) central unit.
  • CU3-01M (02M) can be controlled using the directional buttons on the front panel. CU3-01M (02M) in 6-MODULE are designed for mounting into a switchboard on the EN60715 DIN rail
  • Brand: ELKO EP
  • Product Code: CU3-02M
  • Availability: In Stock
Central unit with RF interface